real leather bags

Bags are the perfect complement to define a woman’s outfit, since these accessories mark both the person’s personality and help determine her style. However, when choosing or selecting any type of bag there are various criteria that you can take into account, the best known are color, texture, size and design, however, there is a criterion that marks its importance when talking about quality and beauty and that is the material from which your bag is made.

In this way, in the following post we will give you 5 reasons why you should choose Genuine leather bags and thus be aware of the advantages of buying products made of genuine leather, we will also give you some tips for the care of your leather bags, since we know that it is not an easy task to keep your full grain leather handbags, so you can show them off and steal looks like the first day you bought them.

Why choose Genuine leather bags?

As previously mentioned, the material from which a bag is made will be one of the aspects that will determine its quality and therefore its durability, so this aspect would define how long or short its life of use will be, for this reason leather is one One of the most used raw materials in the manufacture of bags, suitcases and other accessories for both women and men, since this material has great advantages.

That is why below we present 5 reasons why you should choose to buy genuine leather bags:

1. Flexibility and adaptability: Soft leather shoulder bags adapt to the content of the bag without deforming, since many bags, being at high temperatures, can lose their original shape, in the same way, in the case of low temperatures, these types of bags remain without cracking or shrinking, they also have good resistance against humidity so they do not usually develop fungus, that is, these genuine leather bags are capable of adapting to any type of climate without modifying their appearance.

2. Unique and unrepeatable designs: In this case we can allude to two aspects, the first refers to the fact that handmade leather crossbody bags are generally carried out through artisan work, so their designs are mostly unique and original, on the other Secondly, it must be taken into account that leather, especially if it is full grain, preserves natural marks and traces that give it that original and authentic character that, over time, only manages to improve the appearance of the accessory.

3. Ecological: Genuine leather bags are completely ecological, since the leather comes from animal skin, making it a biodegradable material, in addition its treatment process in the last decade is conditioned by new laws that guarantee the reuse of chrome and water to avoid contamination. On the contrary, to other synthetic materials that both pollute the environment, and can also cause allergies and irritations to the people who use them.

In addition, leather bags, being of high quality, help prevent people from consuming more than they need, since their durability ensures a long life of use, while synthetic leather bags have a very short life. use must be renewed more regularly, which increases consumption and therefore the levels of pollution in the environment.

4. Resistant and Durable: This is one of the reasons why most women opt for Genuine leather handbags, since these ensure a long life of use, because leather is known for being a highly resistant and quality material, In this way, as time passes, you will only be able to observe how the appearance of your bag improves.

5. Diversity in Designs: Genuine leather bags have a totally different texture from synthetic leather bags, since they are soft to the touch so it will be a pleasure to touch them, in turn the leather gives a natural shine to the bag that does not was observed in plastic materials. In the same way, it should be noted that leather, being a flexible material, allows the design of various models of bags for every taste, whether classic, modern or even vintage.

 That is why you can use leather bags from formal to more casual occasions in your daily routine, there are also different colors, designs and models to choose from, so they will always be the perfect complement to enhance your look and make a difference. .

Care for your leather bags

In this section we will mention some care so that those Genuine leather bags that you like so much can accompany you for a long time, since despite the fact that leather is a high-quality material, it is important to provide the necessary care to ensure that our bags look like the first time.

1. Cleaning: Try to clean your leather bags at least once a month, for this you can use a dry cloth to remove dirt and dust, however, if you want to remove a particular stain you can rub it with mineral water and some neutral soap.

2. Moisturizing: This is one of the most important care since it will allow your bag to look shiny and silky, so it is important every six months to apply some cream or moisturizer for leather in order to waterproof the surfaces of our bags and protect them from the sun. and the rain, so we will prevent them from tearing or suffering any abrasion.

 3. Storing your bag: leather bags should be stored in a suitable place, whether you hang them on a good support, in turn avoid placing things or objects on top that crush them, on the other hand, if you plan to keep them for a while It is better that you do it for a long time by keeping them in a cloth bag that is preferably cotton, so you will prevent them from getting dusty or dirty with any external agent.

4. Respect its capacity: Avoid overfilling your bag, as each bag has a certain capacity to store things, so you must respect it to avoid both deforming the bag and breaking or unstitching it.

5. Be aware of what you keep: On the other hand, it is important to be aware of the objects that we keep in our Genuine leather bags, since, in the case of makeup, perfume creams and all kinds of chemical substances that can stain the bag, we must previously deposit them in a case, this way everything will be more organized and you will avoid an accident that damages the leather of your bag.

You should also be careful not to keep sharp objects that could tear the leather of your bag, on the other hand, in general when taking your bag try to have clean hands to avoid staining it, since, although generally the process of removing stains on the The surface of the bags always has a solution, it should also be noted that at the end the leather of the bag is quite battered, so it is best to avoid staining it.

In short, we hope we have helped you to resolve your doubts about the reasons why you should choose to buy Genuine leather bags, since wherever you see it, it will always be the best option when it comes to talking about beauty, quality and even sustainability. That is why at Crush Leather Goods we invite you not to miss our selection of Genuine leather bags where we have a wide variety of designs in different colors so that you can make the best choice for yourself.