5 tips for handbags

Handbags are one of the most uncomfortable types of bags when using them, they can even become a headache, especially if they do not have straps or handles, however, just as they are uncomfortable, they are also one of the most popular accessories. eye-catching and that allows you to give that special touch to your outfit, so you just have to know the necessary protocols that you must have when using this type of bag so that your outing is a success.

In this way, it can be said that handbags are this type of wallet that we are not used to taking anywhere, hence their use is generally focused on special occasions, such as a romantic date, a cocktail party, some party or special event, however, currently you can also take it to less formal occasions such as an outing with friends, to the movies or to the bar.

That is why, in the following post we will focus on giving you some of the 5 most important tips when carrying your handbags, so that you avoid uncomfortable situations and can look beautiful and confident on your way out. Well, you must remember that all bags and wallets should be our ally both when allowing us to enhance and maximize our style and also help us deal with any situation that may arise, so they must also be practical and useful.

5 Tips to wear your handbags

1. Respect their ability

This type of bag is characterized by being small, so its capacity to store things is limited, which is why it is advisable to only carry essential items such as your phone, keys, personal documents and some makeup. In this way, it is a type of bag that should be carried lightly, remember that it is not very comfortable to carry it, so filling it with things, apart from the fact that it will look aesthetically negative, will be an uncomfortable load for you.

2. Ways to load your handbags

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, handbags are one of the most uncomfortable types of bags to carry, although it should be mentioned that everything will depend on the design of the bag, since some of them have straps or handles while others do not. any type of chain and they are considered completely smooth, which implies greater discomfort by not knowing how to load them or adapt them to our body.

That is why we recommend that in the case of bags with handles or straps, you can carry them on your shoulder, on your wrist or you can even hold them with both hands crossed. On the other hand, in the case of those handbags that do not have any type of grip such as handles, straps or some type of fastener, you should carry them under your arm specifically between the forearm and the armpit, or you can even hold it with one of your hands.

3. Protocols for parties and formal meetings

Handbags are characterized by being the perfect accessory to accompany on any elegant occasion, which is why its formal use cannot wait to fulfill its objective in an elegant way. In this way, when taking them to that special meeting, you must first make sure to carry it in your left hand so that you can have your right hand free to greet people, as well as if you decide to have a drink or serve yourself an appetizer.

On the other hand, when you sit down, do not place it on the table indiscriminately, as this will be rude to those with whom you share your guest table, so you should place it on your knees or discreetly under the napkin. In the same way, avoid placing it behind your chair, because although many people usually do it so that it does not get in the way, this is bad advice since it is a very insecure place, so your handbag can fall and get lost.

4. Enhance your look and enhance your style

It is true that handbags are difficult to carry and even become uncomfortable, but it is also true that they are the handbags that can impact your look the most, which is why it is recommended that you get out of the routine and play with them. the design of your handbag so that it enhances your outfit and enhances your style. In other words, this leather bag will be your center of attention, that detail that will steal everyone’s eyes.

That is why we will always recommend you to avoid handbags with a monochromatic palette of neutral and pastel colors, on the contrary, you should get out of the routine and try bright and colorful colors, and you can even bet on prints with metallic textures, you can also add brooches or metallic details to add attention to your garment.

5. How to combine your handbag?

It is important to know that this attention-grabbing accessory must be combined with the appropriate clothing to avoid a disaster. That is why, first of all, you should wear it with clothes that are not too baggy, always trying to maintain a tighter look to the body, especially in the upper area of the figure, which would be the torso.

 As for the color of the clothing, everything will depend on the color and design of your handbags, the idea is always that your outfit is consistent with the occasion in which you are going to participate but that it is not more striking than your handbag. In the same way, the theme of the accessories that you use on your wrists and hands is essential when it comes to combining with your handbag.

That is why we recommend you to wear thick bracelets, bangles and rings since these parts of your body will be in the center of attention accompanying your handbag, in the same way remember to wear a perfect manicure, since your hands and nails will be at everyone’s view and the best thing will always be to give the best impression of care for these small details.

In short, it is known that handbags will not be the best option when it comes to accompanying you in your daily routine, but they are the best option when it comes to captivating and stealing all eyes at those special events, where many times you do not We know how to enhance and enhance our look to make a difference among all of us, because if you have any doubts and do not feel satisfied with your outfit, do not hesitate to resort to a good leather bag and you will see how your whole style changes.

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