crush leather

Art and Tradition

Crush Leather Goods embodies the story of a small village of artisans determined to show the expertise acquired through generations to the whole world.

The brand arises from the illusion of a small group of artisans passionate about leather, craftsmanship and know-how, who after years of working for large firms, decided to launch their own and create a product where craftsmanship, slow and careful elaboration, and small details come to life: soft leather bags

The Essence of Natural Leather

At Crush we use natural leather for our Soft Leather Bags. This material provides an inimitable feel, a perfect fit and extraordinary comfort. A noble and very resistant material that, with time, acquires even more value and beauty, becoming something unique and special. Spanish Leather is an inspiring material that is part of the culture of the people where handcrafted, slow and careful manufacturing give life to precious leather pieces.

At Crush we make our soft leather bags from , full-grain leathers, we trace and cut our pattern pieces, sew them, pack them and ship them to your doorstep.


Elegance in Soft Leather Bags

Our goal is for people to love the work behind these soft leather bags, so we pay close attention to detail, craftsmanship and design, using high quality materials and making them unique products.

Creativity is the exclusive hallmark of our company. Crush soft leather bags and accessories have a timeless, versatile, functional and simple design, taking care of every detail. They are a comfortable and practical complement for daily use.

Ubrique Crafted: Quality in Every Leather Bag

The phases of creation, design and planning, as well as quality control, marketing and distribution, are carried out entirely from Ubrique, in order to offer a quality service. We pay special attention to fast and safe delivery all over the world.

The most important thing for the Crush Leather Goods team is to provide our customers with personalized craftsmanship and a durable product. We offer Spanish Leather bags with which you can face your day to day life with the utmost security.


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