real leather

Have you had a hard time not correctly identifying your leather products?

In this article you will have the correct information to avoid going through that experience again. When we talk about full grain leather goods, we are simply referring to its quality, which will always be much better than leatherette or synthetic leather replications. The bad news is that to evaluate the quality of the product it will take a long time to realize it, but don’t worry, here are the details that will allow you to avoid being deceived.

Real leather or not?

The smell like all leather is very particular, it usually emanates a natural aroma of tanned leather, while synthetic leather gives off a smell of plastic, although in this characteristic we must be careful since some merchants, in order to sell, add a flavoring to the synthetic piece to generate the counterfeit, however, over time this aroma will disappear.

Another characteristic to take into account is the color, as natural leather, due to its tanning process, can vary a bit in color, while synthetic leather usually maintains a uniform color, however, we must clarify that over time this tends to lose its color while full grain leather goods remains as it was originally.

In addition to this, we must pay attention to the touch, which means the sensation we have when touching both leathers. In the case of full grain leather goods, it is usually soft and flexible since it preserves the pores of the skin and is usually very manageable when touch, a test that you can perform to test this characteristic is to press the surface of the leather with your fingers and even mark it with your nails where you can see how the tears of the leather fiber look, while the synthetic leather at the moment After performing this maneuver, it will present nothing, however, as time goes by, its surface tends to age in addition to wrinkling, even cracking.

In short, as mentioned at the beginning, being able to detect if a leather product is real, that is, 100% natural, is not an easy matter, but the points mentioned above can give you an idea of how to recognize full grain leather goods, however, you must remember that the The passage of time is a determining factor that will end up taking its toll on our garments.

That is why, in addition to being able to detect if your garment is made of full grain leather goods, you must also take into account the necessary care to maintain its conservation, since no matter how real your leather is, if you tend to mistreat your garment and not give it proper care, it will end up expiring sooner than you expect.

In short, we know that the development of fake leather or cowhide arises from the need of the commercial world to create garments at a much lower cost to make it more accessible to the general population. However, if the price-quality ratio offered by full grain leather goods garments is evaluated, this would lead to the conclusion that synthetic leather would be more expensive since the consumer would have to invest much more money in buying more and more of the same garment since they have a short life of use.

That is why we invite you to evaluate the pros and cons of each one when buying or investing in these items and do not be fooled by the emotion of the moment, as most people tend to believe that something is much more cheap being that its quality will be much lower and therefore it will be damaged faster. We remind you that full grain leather goods with excellent care can even be maintained for more than 20 years, saving you a lot of money.

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