Dear  Crush’s friend,

Christmas is coming and we at the North Pole are all very excited about it. My elves have informed me that this year you and your family have been very well behaved, I am very proud of you!

From here we are working very hard to make sure all the packages arrive on time. The elves are preparing gifts for all those who have been good and you are among the best, so I have planned to leave these packages for you under the tree, I hope you like them!

For you as a good mother, wife and sister, get your suitcase and toiletry bag ready because you are going on a trip! Remember that trip to Paris that you keep postponing every year? This will be your year to visit the Musée du Luovre and all those places in Paris that you and your husband will fall in love with. You will be able to taste the famous Parisian breakfasts with a view of the Eiffel Tower.

Speaking of food… Since the last Thanksgiving dinner didn’t go as you had hoped because your sister burned the turkey, I’ll leave a cooking course under the tree for her so the same thing won’t happen again in the years to come. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it, she and everyone!

On another note, one of my elves gave me the news that your daughter has started her college years, congratulations! You must be very proud of her. That’s why my elves have put the needles to work and are making by hand a beautiful leather crossbody for her to keep her computer, books and everything she needs. This gift will accompany her during one of the most important moments of her life, she will surely appreciate it.

For your son we will leave a leather jacket to match the backpack you gave him for his birthday. He will no longer be able to make excuses to ride Route 66 next year because he has everything he needs.

And last but not least, my elves and I have remembered Toby, so we are making him a leather collar with his name engraved on it. Also, Mrs. Claus has insisted on baking him his favorite dog cookies, yes, the gingerbread ones, so there they go too!

Remember to keep behaving so that next year you can find presents under the tree.

PS: The cookies with milk under the tree last year were delicious. I hope to find them again this year. I promise to leave only the crumbs, thank you!