types of bags

Leather bags are considered one of the accessories that most favor a woman’s outfit, which is why most of the time we usually combine it with the color of our outfit or the amount of things we need to carry, hence when talking about the decisions we make to found our style, most of them are made based on our tastes and needs almost instinctively. 

However, just as there are different types of bags, there are also different types of bodies, so this, despite being a premise widely forgotten by all when choosing a bag, is one of the most important, since bags at the same time Being an accessory that captures attention, it can highlight parts of our body that should not be accentuated, and in the same way they also help us to enhance those that, on the contrary, need to attract more attention.

In this way, in the following post we will present some tips that you should take into account when choosing the most suitable types of bags for your physiognomy, so that you avoid ruining that style that defines you so much, since it should be clear that There are different types of bags for each body, and for each occasion, just as a bag can enhance your look, you can also use it as a travel bag, etc.

Body Types.

When choosing the types of bags according to your body type, you must keep in mind your morphological dimensions, since the idea is to generate visual and balanced harmony between the shape of your body and your outfit. In addition to this, you should also evaluate the characteristics of the bag to use, since when taking into account its shape, its size and even the way of carrying it will be essential aspects that will favor showing off a slim figure, this being what most women look for when displaying an outfit.

In this way we will present you the types of bodies that exist together with their characteristics and the possibilities of choice in relation to the types of bags that will favor your figure.

1. Inverted triangle body:

This type of body is characterized by having the shoulders and bust wider than the hips, so that attention is usually concentrated on the upper part of the figure. Hence, in this case it is important to use medium-sized bags with long straps that reach the height of the waist or hips, whether you wear it over your shoulder in a parallel way or if you wear it as a crossbody bag both will make the attention is focused on the lower part of your figure, positively highlighting the hips.

2. Triangle type body:

This type of body is the opposite of the one mentioned above, since it is characterized by having the hips wider than the shoulders, so that the attention will mainly focus on the lower part of your figure. Hence, it is important to use certain types of bags that have short straps to carry over the shoulder, or also handbags to carry under the arm, in turn these leather bags should be bright colors with bright themes, since the idea is that the leather bag is a sign of direct attention in relation to the upper part of the body, so you know which types of bags is better for you.

3. Rectangular body:

In this case, this type of body is characterized by having a parallel similarity between the measurements of the shoulders and hips, but without having curves, so it will be defined in straight lines. Hence, this type of figure should opt for soft leather hobo bags that fall and adapt to the body, to give more volume to the outfit and give the sensation of curves. In the same way, it must be remembered that the fall of the bag must reach the hips or waist.

On the other hand, also if you have this type of body you can play with models of handbags and bucket bags, however, although these can be large, you will have to avoid very structured designs, since the idea is that you play with the irregular waves that most of these bags have with a soft fall, in order to give a more relaxed look that will be what will favor you.

4. Round Body:

In this case, this type of body will need the opposite of the rectangular body, since here we will be looking to increase the feeling of firmness in our outfit. So we will have to opt for bags with a more rigid and structured design, but without forgetting that it is proportional to our silhouette.

In this way, the most recommended bags are large square and rectangular bags, but made of hard leather and with short and hard handles that you can carry on your shoulder. Likewise, you should avoid small bags and even crossbody bags as this will mark your figure irregularly by presenting it very tight.

5. Hourglass Body:

This is one of the luckiest body types as you will be able to play with the variety of bag types. However, you must remember to avoid crossbody bags that will greatly accentuate your hips and even your bust by being very tight and, in turn, if you use bags with shoulder straps, the height of the shoulder strap cannot exceed the waist.

Types of Bags according to your height

This is usually a much more forgotten topic, since not only our type of figure will be key to choosing the best bag, but also our height will be one of the main elements when making a correct choice. Hence, as previously mentioned, the way in which the bag will be carried and its size will be decisive when wearing an excellent outfit.

In this way, in the case of tall women, that is, those who measure over 1.70cm, they should use large bags focused on being wider than tall, so they can be hobo bags, or the well-known shopping bags. and even a tote bag. However, you must remember that these bags do not have too short straps and try to carry them by hand since on the shoulder the proportions of your body will visually be unbalanced, so you should know better which types of bags are better for you.

On the other hand, in the case of small or short women, they should choose to use small or medium bags, with short handles or straps that do not exceed the waist measurement, since this will be to prevent this bag from making you see smaller than you are. In the same way you should avoid using large bags such as shopping bags, however, you can also use handbags but they are not too large.

In short, the idea of evaluating and taking into account the morphology of the body is simply to create a visual harmony between the dimensions of your figure and the combination of accessories. In this way, the secret will be to use these proportions in your favor and thus avoid using certain accessories that will only completely damage your outfit.

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