types of bags

The bags in the day to day of women or men have evolved over time, there are more and more styles, trends and competition. This is due to how useful they are when leaving home and how versatile and adjustable they can be, all giving them the correct use for the correct occasion, that is why we wrote this article for you, so you know that combine and what bag to wear being more in tune with your occasion. 

Everything starts before leaving home. Knowing what we will do during the day is key to determining what types of leather bags can accompany us. It helps us to know if after work we will have to go to the gym or a meeting with friends, a party. 

For everything there are types of wallets for women that will accompany us as part of our style, making us look excellent and prepared for any moment.

If it’s a work day, the ideal is to search our coat rack for types of leather bags that allow us to carry our personal items, keys, wallet, snacks and any kind of small leather goods facilitating our day when it comes time to return home and before going through the market or looking for our son at school. The perfect types of leather bags for this type of occasion are: the shopper bag, satchel bag and a minimalist Hobo bag.

Types of leather bags for women according to their models.

1. Tote

There’s nothing better than a handmade tote bag, they are spacious handbags for day-to-day use and have a double handle. They are also ideal for shopping, which is why they are known as “shopping bags”.

2. Doctor

This type of bag has a square or rectangular shape, its handles are short which allows you to hold it by hand. It is inspired by the old briefcases used by doctors.

3. Backpack

Among the types of leather bags, the bag that we know the most and one of the most used are the Backpack, it is the typical classic bag that we use with two straps loaded on the shoulders. They are super practical when carrying weight and, depending on their design, they tend to be quite spacious, making a handmade leather backpack ideal for those days when we need to carry more than just a few items.

4. Shopper

It is one of the largest types of women’s bags, it has enough capacity to store several products. They usually have a single pocket, although there are models with several compartments inside. They are ideal for shopping and still look fresh.

5. Crossbody

One of the most practical, comfortable and most used bags are the genuine leather crossbody bags. These add an elegant and casual touch to your outfit. They are large enough to fit the accessories that women consider essential and they do not take up too much space. They have a long strap that crosses over one shoulder and the bag is usually at hip height.

6. Satchel Bag

The shape of this is rectangular and they have a long strap. It is inspired by the bags used by postal workers, so its use requires good prior preparation of your outfit.

7. Clutch

Ideal for elegant occasions, among the types of leather bags are those that are mainly used for gala events or to give a glamorous touch to your look. They are practical since they do not take up much space, but they do not have much capacity to carry all your items, so if you decide to take one on your outing, you must make sure not to exceed its space.

Choosing among the types of leather bags the one that best suits the occasion will allow us to feel comfortable and safe to enjoy our day. Explore our extensive catalog at Crush Leather Goods and find your favorite full grain leather bag!