types of leather

There are several types of leather with different characteristics, ranging from being more flexible to being a thicker and more resistant leather, the qualities of the types of leather vary through breeding and also depend on the type of cattle it is. There are different species, there is beef (bovine), goat, sheep (sheep), pig and there is also a difference between beef and calves that would be obtained from the youngest animals.

Next, a detailed explanation about the differences of each type of leather and thus be able to help you choose the best leather when you want to make some type of leather goods.

Types of leather

1. Cow: cowhide is the most used type of leather in the area of leather goods, so it is a rigid and flexible material with high resistance and durability, in addition to being soft to the touch, which makes it a very attractive leather. and appropriate for making bags, although it is also very good for making hats, belts, wallets, and among other things.

Also when buying cowhide, you have to consider that this type of leather usually contains scratches and holes, but in this case it is very good even though it sounds so good, because this is an indication that it is genuine leather since its scratches they are based on the lifestyle of the animal.

When raising these animals to obtain great leather, it is best to feed them in such a way that their muscle mass or fat does not increase excessively, because this would excessively stretch the leather, which would weaken it.

2. Goat: Goat leather is ideal for the manufacture of high-value items due to its characteristics, one of which is its thinness, but at the same time it does not lose its compactness and flexibility.

This is one of the types of leather that has been ideal for luxury footwear, purses and high value wallets.

It should be noted that on land that is quite long, this animal is ideal for breeding and thus making the most of the space.

3. Sheep: This leather also has a fine thickness measurement that makes it ideal for high-quality items because it does not lose its quality through its flexibility.

It is ideal for leather goods such as bags, purses, wallets, among other luxury items.

4. Pig: this types of leather is characterized by being quite rigid and porous, but through various processes it has been possible to take advantage of its resistance, durability and softness. This leather is less used than the previous ones due to the processes that must be used to achieve its use.

5. Calf: this is one of the types of leather qualifies for any type of cattle, especially for the type of cattle.

This leather varies in thickness as it remains finer than that of the animal in its adult stage, being ideal for making bags, purses, wallets and other high quality and cost items.

As you can see, there are many types of leather for leather goods, each one has its characteristics and now with our information we want you to be a professional when choosing a type of leather for your leather goods item.

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