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Know How

The Unique Essence of Crush

We have always known what we wanted for our customers. And the fact is that, after breathing in every corner of this city full of fine craftsmanship, the artisan dedication used in each of our items is what makes us truly exclusive and unique.

From start to finish we use handcrafted techniques and tools, which come out of our small workshop. All are 100% handmade and made with love, so that our customers can enjoy them as long as possible.

Heritage Crafted with Passion

It is composed of great craftsmen, with a great professional career and with an increasing passion for the fine craftsmanship. Proud of where we come from and of course, where we are going. Since the beginning of Crush in 20... with techniques that have been passed from generation to generation and taking care of every detail meticulously, our team makes all items 100% handmade.

With all this what we want and our main objective is that people love all the work behind each piece, being this the most important thing for the CRUSH team.

Sustainable Future

Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with CRUSH. We make timeless and elegant pieces, without following trends and with an infinite style, to contribute to the environment.

Our packaging and fabric bags are biodegradable. In addition, the leathers used are certified as being of natural origin.